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Second Nature Air Filters Review

Do you have issues with a clogged home? Second Nature brings you air filters that will clean your home anytime.

What Is Second Nature?

Second Nature subscription worth it
It will save you the time of moving from one store to another looking for air filters.


  • Offers free shipping
  • Offers three types of filter options like essential,essential+, and health shield
  • You can get a customized filter. You can get a fully customized air filter and a custom shipping
  • You can get several air filters for your home in one shipment example; you can get HVAC and fridge filters in the same shipment


  • Limited to one air filter per subscription, meaning if you need different quality filters, you must have more than one subscription.
  • Some clients complain the quality of the filters is inconsistent
  • Second nature also sells filters from other brands

Second Nature is an air filter subscription that offers its services by delivering air filters to your doorstep. This US-based company has been operating since 2012 and provides a wide range of top-notch air filters varying in size and thickness. They also offer customized filters, and all customers who have subscribed get the first shipment as a free trial. Meaning the air filter is completely free.

Second Nature allows you to select from over 66,000 filter sizes online to make your initial order. You are needed to follow the steps by answering all the questions.

How Second Nature Subscription Works

  1. You sign up by pressing the corresponding button on the website.
  2. You choose the sizes of the air filters in your home
  3. You choose between the three air filter types
  4. You choose the schedule of the delivery (every one month, every two or three months and you can set a custom schedule as well)
  5. Finally, you enter your payment details.

What Second Nature Offers In Terms Of Air Filters

When you subscribe with Second Nature, you will no longer mark your calendar when to change the filters. Subscribing is more accessible, too, because you have to specify the number of filters you need in your home and their type. Then you have to specify how often you want to receive the air filters, either in 3, 6, or 12 months. Additionally, you can customize when you need the air filters.

After the specified time, you will get your air filter swipe at your doorstep. There are over 66,000 filters to choose from or ask for customized sizes.

Just like you live a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym and eating healthy greens, you should inhale healthy air in your home. Second Nature air filters in your home can help with the indoor air pollution that might contribute to poor respiratory health in yourself or your children.

second nature air filters

Who Is Second Nature For?

Second nature air filters are made for people with busy schedules who might miss or forget ordering a new filter. It is also convenient for everyone since you don’t have to keep ordering once you sign up for a subscription; they deliver it to your home within the time you signed up for.  

Air Filters By Second Nature


Essential has a MERV 8 rating (catch some filter). It’s an excellent choice for homeowners who want to catch bigger air particles like pollen and dust. It also removes bacteria, mold, and mites

Suppose you have allergies; this air filter will improve your life. It helps to relieve the symptoms, and it’s more convenient since it is cost-friendly and goes for $16 per subscription.


This is also referred to as MERV 10. It’s the most popular air filter, best at filtering smaller particles like pet dander, dust, and mold. If you are a pet owner, you must have this; if your pet gives you sniffles, you don’t have to give them up. MERV 10 essential+ will solve the problem.  

It is also ideal for homeowners with children who want to minimize small particles entering their homes. Its subscription starts at $20 per subscription.

Health shield

Health shield or MERV 13 is the best choice for homeowners who want to catch all the particles. This model catches everything essential and essential+ and other particles like cooking oil and smoke like cigarette smoke. It’s also perfect for catching viruses and smog.

This air filter is excellent for reducing air pollution in case there is smoke in the house. Its subscription starts at $24 per subscription.

If you want to cancel the subscription or order, login and cancel your account.


The price for air filters by Second Nature starts at $16 for one filter (Essential) of the size 1″(thickness) x12″(hight) x 12″(width). For the same size, the price for Essential+ starts at $20/filter or $24 for the Health Shield filter.

The price for the Essential airt filter of the size 2″x16″x16″ is $20, whereas Essential+ would cost $23 or $27 for Health Shield.

There are many sizes to choose from and each size has its price.

Second Nature Filters Reviews: Customer Experience

Positive Reviews

Satisfying service

JD and Christen are satisfied with second nature and call it the best. They said they were very knowledgeable and accommodating. They would highly recommend the air filters for business and home uses.

Super convenient

The company is convenient because they change filters regularly. It’s cost-friendly, and they deliver to your home, so you don’t have to keep dates when you expect the next filter. They have all kinds of filters, including the odd sizes that are hard to find in other stores.

Great for a forgetful person

I’m a happy client most of the time, I forget, and it would take long before I could change the air filters. Second, nature ships air filters in time, and I can now change the filters regularly. The filters I use are difficult to find in stores, but I can find them at Second Nature.

Negative Reviews

The client never corrected the number of air filters

I paid for something that I never got. Although I voluntarily signed up for the Second Nature service, I never received what I had ordered. I didn’t get the right amount of filters I wanted for my home. I felt it was a throwaway of their money because they never refunded me.

Late delivery

When I  started with Second Nature, their services were excellent, but as time passed, the services declined. It’s two months, and Second Nature hasn’t delivered the air filters. They are still charging me on my credit card, but I haven’t received the filters, and there is no way I can contact them.

Summary: Does It Worth It?

Yes, it’s worth it. Second Nature subscription will save you the time of moving from one store to another looking for air filters. More so, changing the air filters from time to time will save you the high cost of repairing your HVAC. It also reduces energy use, and since these filters are high quality, you will be at ease knowing your home air is free from any impurities.

In case your home has high temperatures or humidity, it will affect the quality of the air in your home, but once you get the high-quality air filter from Second Nature will improve the quality of air in your house. Finally, if you have trouble getting a filter, you can order a customized size from the company and enjoy the free shipment.

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