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Puffy vs Purple Mattress Comparison

Both Puffy and Purple are very popular mattresses so there’s no wonder why you might be confused about which one to choose. They have a lot of similar features but even more differences. However, both deserve to be considered wh. So, this Puffy vs Purple comparison is aimed at helping you find the best mattress between these two.


  • The cover of both mattresses is breathable and has a similar material they are made of.
  • Both mattresses are good for back and side sleepers but of different weight categories.
  • Both companies feature a hypoallergenic cover and their material are certified (Puffy is CertiPUR-US® certified, whereas Purple is Clean Air GOLD certified)
  • Both mattresses are made in the USA.
  • The Puffy comes with a 101-night trial, and the Purple offers a 100-night trial.
  • Both companies have a free-shipping policy.


  • Construction. Puffy is an all-foam mattress with a memory foam layer on top of it. Purple has a hyper-elastic gel polymer layer on top.
  • Feel. Puffy has a more bounced-foam feel, whereas Purple has a more squishy feel.
  • Firmness. Puffy is firmer than Purple.
  • Support. Purple is more supportive with its hyper-elastic gel-polymer layer.
  • Breathability. The Puffy is less breathable than the Purple so the sleep should be cooler with the first option.
  • Price. Purple offers cheaper basic models but its hybrid model is more expensive than Puffy.
  • Durability. Purple’s gel polymer on top seems to be a more long-lasting material.
  • Boxing. Puffy comes in a box, and Purple comes in a roll without a box
  • Warranty. Puffy offers a lifetime warranty, whereas Purple has a 10-year warranty.

Let’s start with a comparison of what companies offer in terms of their products along with their pricing differences.

Puffy and Purple Models

Puffy features three types of mattresses: the 5-layer basic mattresses, the 6-layer hybrid mattress (medium-plush feel), and the 7-layer hybrid mattress (ultra-plush feel).

Purple features 5 models with 2 classic and 3 hybrid models.

Price of Purple and Puffy

When it comes to Puffy vs Purple pricing, the answer to which one is cheaper depends on the type. Basic models of all sizes are cheaper in Purple, while Hybrid models are cheaper in Puffy.

Basic models:

  • Twin size. Puffy Mattress is $1,449 and Purple Mattress is $1,199
  • Full size. Puffy is  $1,649 and Purple is $1,399
  • Queen size. Puffy is $1,799 and Purple is $1,399

Hybrid models:

  • Twin size. Puffy Lux Mattress is $1,749 (Twin XL is $1,799) while Purple Hybrid Mattress is not available in Twin (Twin XL is $1,899)
  • Full size. Puffy is  $2,049 and Purple is $2,149
  • Queen size. Puffy is $2,249 and Purple is $2,399

Now, let’s move to the comparison of two classic models, Puffy Mattress and Purple Mattress. 


Both mattresses have a soft and breathable cover, being made of similar material. Also, the cover of both mattresses is hypoallergenic.

The main difference lies in the comfort layer of Puffy and Purple: memory foam layer by Puffy and gel-polymer layer by Purple.

Puffy’s memory foam is quite responsive. The transition foam is pretty responsive and adds some bounce on top of the mattress 

The Purple mattress has a tight hyper-elastic gel-polymer on top. It remains firm and supportive until you put some pressure and then only that separate area will collapse. Next, there is a foam transition layer.

The base layers of both mattresses have good support and a stable feel.


So, both mattresses have higher than average firmness. Puffy can be scored as 7 out of 10 and Purple is 6 out of 10. For lighter people, these mattresses might feel softer and vice versa, firmer for higher-weight people.


Puffy has more of a bounced-foam feel, it’s pretty responsive and not is hard to move around on it. Purple has a more squishy feel but it’s also quite firm and supportive. 

Meanwhile, some customers say that Purple is not as comfortable as it might seem at first. After some time of using this mattress, it might feel like “sleeping on a layer of rubber.”

Sleeping positions

Back sleepers

Puffy is good for back sleepers, especially for medium- and lightweight people as it offers decent support and good contouring for your body. Purple is good for back sleepers as well, but for heavier users; this mattress collapses under the hips staying supportive for the back. Also, if you have back problems, you should definitely choose Purple over Puffy as you need stronger back support.

Side sleepers

With Puffy, heavier-weight side sleepers might feel some pressure under their shoulders and hips. And Purple provides a better pressure leave for this group of people. However, it can be a good choice for medium or lightweight side sleepers. For such people, it won’t allow you to sink far into the mattress and has better pressure leave under your shoulders and hips.

Stomach sleepers

Purple offers good support and doesn’t collapse even under your hips. Meanwhile, Puffy might not give you enough support, especially if you are a heavier sleeper. So, in general, Purple is better for stomach sleepers of all weights.

Motion transfer and edge support

Puffy has a better motion transfer as its memory foam absorbs a lot of movements. This means that Puffy might be a better choice for a couple. 

Meanwhile, Purple offers better edge support as it keeps a better contour when sitting on the edge of it. 

Sleeping hot or cold

The Purple is the winner here–its grid construction and thin, breathable cover allow for a higher level of airflow, which helps to keep a neutral body temperature. The Puffy is an all-foam bed and it doesn’t give quite as much breathability–although it features a gel infusion and a thin cover for a cooler sleep.

What is better, Puffy or Purple?

So, let’s check out the benefits of both.

Puffy is better for

  • People who like balanced foam feel
  • Medium and light-weight side sleepers
  • Light-weight back sleepers
  • People who prefer a firmer mattress 

Purple is better for

  • Heavier side and back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Hot sleepers
  • Those who want a better durability

Drawbacks of Puffy and Purple

  • Some customers have noticed the unpleasant smell of Puffy
  • Purple is not comfortable for many because of its gel-polymer layer might feel weird 

Recap of the comparison

As you see, both Puffy and Purple have some similarities but there are even more differences between them. This includes the construction (foam or gel-polymer), firmness, as well as feel and support depending on the weight of a sleeper. So, make your decision and invest in one you find a better option for yourself.

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