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Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat Review

Everyone working in an office or remotely upgrades to the best comfortable chair, computers, and desk but often forgets about the chair mat. Vitrazza has a glass chair mat that you should consider.

What is a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat?

Vitrazza glass chair mat is a product made in America that specializes in high-quality glass chair mats. The company uses ¼-inch thick Tufver glass, which is applauded for its four times more potent than the standard annealed glass. Vitrazza says the tempered glass can withstand heavy weights up to 1000lbs. You can purchase an ordinary glass, mat, or a custom-made size and the design of your preference.

Vitrazza Glass Chair, Overview

This glass is superior to other types of mats because it doesn’t have wheel ruts and warped edges. The glass mart is well polished with micro bevel; it doesn’t have sharp edges, it’s smooth, and you can smoothly slide your chair. Although the glass mat is expensive compared to plastics, you don’t have to keep replacing it like in plastic mats.

The Vitrazza chair mat is safe because, if you break it, it breaks into small pieces instead of big sharp-edged pieces. The company uses Invisible Shield Pro15 Nano-Tech Coating on the mats to prevent them from getting scratched and avoid the glass being too slippery when you walk barefoot. 

The glass will lose its tempered properties if exposed to extreme heat from 400 °F, which will revert to annealed glass. This glass won’t be your ideal option if you work in an office next to 400 °F temperature.

You don’t have to worry about the mat sliding because it comes with Stabil-a-Dots. They are adhesive silicone look-alike bumpers that you usually place under the mat set on a hard surface to avoid slipping and marring. They are used to support the heavy weight of the mat chair and you. These stabil-a-Dots are very useful since they help your mat from moving and protect your floor from getting scratches. Each mat comes with several stabil-a-Dots (smaller and large), and you should use small ones on hard surfaces such as tile floors and wood and large ones on the carpet.


Your preference matters; that’s why Vitrazza has come up with different varieties of products to suit your needs, which are

  • Square Glass Chair Mats include 36″, 48″, 54″, and 60″
  •  Circle Glass Chair Mats include 42″, 48″, and 54.”
  • Rectangle Glass Chair Mat Sizes include 36″ x 48″, 42″ x 48″, 45″ x 53″, 46″ x 60″, 42″ x 64″, and 48″ x 72″

When purchasing the products, you might want to consider the glass type, which includes:

Low iron ultra clear glass (Luminoso)

Luminoso is clearer, almost sparkling glass because it has low iron. Vitrazza found a way to reduce iron using a formula that increases light transmission, reducing the greenish tint you can see from the edge. This makes the glass mart look more bright and more visible. If you have a colored floor and you want to maintain the natural color, Luminoso will be ideal for you.

Standard clear glass (Chiaro)

Chiaro, just like its name, is a standard clear glass; it is not clear; it comes with a greenish tint. It may not be as clear as Luminoso; whichever you purchase, you will have the same Vitrazza trademarked Tufver™ Glass, which is toughened and protected by the nano-tech sealer. Both glass mats have the same performance.

Material Quality

The Vitrazza glass chair mat is manufactured sturdy ¼ inch thick, which is safe and can hold the weight of the chair and a person. The glass is topped with an Invisible Shield® Pro15 nano-tech coat, which helps the mat resist scratches, meaning it remains clear even when moving your chair. The mat has a lifetime warranty, proving the glass’s strength.


If you want a more customized glass mat, the company will be ready to customize it if you need a larger size. The customization allows you to get a glass mat that can partially cover the entire place and under your desk, so you won’t need to lift your chair from and on the mat.

Other Vitrazza Products

Vitrazza also offers helpful products like


The deskguard will provide a pleasant, uniform work surface. It comes with a protective coating, so you shouldn’t worry about scratching. It’s an ideal alternative to plastic and rubber deskguard since it’s easier to clean with glass cleaner.

The only problem you will face is organizing your desk or the mounting option if you have more than one monitor on your desk.

Glass and Surface Cleaner

After purchasing your glass mat, you don’t have to worry about how to clean it. Vitrazza has a cleaner that will keep your glasses and hard surface streak-free shine. The cleaner is made with a dual-action formula, which helps cleaned surfaces repel soil, grime, water, and fingerprints. You can use it on windows, deskguard, glass mats, tile, shower glass, and all hard surfaces. Its repelling feature helps in preventing the buildup of microorganisms.

Vitrazza Pricing

Different factors affect the pricing of Vitrazza glass mats. The factors include the size and the type of glass used to make the mat. For example, a 46 by 60 Luminoso glass mat will differ in price from a 46 by 60 Chiaro glass mat. And for you who would love to get a customized glass mat, you will have to dig your pocket deeper. Here is some glass mats pricing:

36″ x 48″$425 
42″ x 48″$525 
48″ x 48″ (square) $595
46″ x 60″ $625
60″ x 60″ (square)$795

Vitrazza Reviews

Positive Reviews

The customer wondered why they never got the Vitrazza glass mat earlier because they had been disappointed by plastic and bamboo. The bamboo would splinter off some pieces, and they would spend the entire time with shoes to avoid cuts from the parts. The customer says the Vitrazza glass mat stays on put, they can smoothly glide on it, and they are satisfied with the Luminoso glass mat.

The buyer ordered a 48 by 48 ultra-clear glass mat, and they were happy it blended well with their refinished wood flooring. The mat is smooth, and even after shattering it with mugs several times, it still looks good as new.

Negative Reviews

A sad customer warned people from buying Vitrazza glass mats after it exploded, without anyone tampering with it, and there was glass everywhere which could affect pets and anyone barefoot. After they contacted the Vitrazza customer care desk, they suggested it was the customers’ fault.

Vitrazza calls the mat ultra-clear, but it’s not as clear as one unhappy client claimed. The ultra-clear glass mat has a greenish tint.

Vitrazza Chair Mat Pros and Cons


  • Glass mats come in different sizes and shapes: whether you want a circle, rectangle, or square shape, you can get various sizes from small to big.
  • Buyers can have customized sizes: when you want, a bigger glass mat Vitrazza will be ready to make you.
  • You can choose two glass styles: purchase Luminoso or Chiaro glass, according to your preference.  
  • Sturdy, highly durable, and visually appealing: compared with plastic chair mats, these glass mats are better in functionality and beauty.
  • Transferable lifetime warranty: you don’t have to worry; you can transfer the glass mat’s warranty against defects or flaws that might lead to the breakage of a glass mat.


  • Costly: most people find these glass mats expensive compared to other options like plastics
  • Limited shipment: it’s quite sad because you can only get Vitrazza glass mats in the US and Canada.

For customized mats, you will have to wait longer than the ready-made.


Is Vitrazza glass chair mat durable?

Yes, the ¼-inch glass mat is designed not to break or dent. It’s made from tempered glass withstanding 1,000lbs. Vitrazza tempered glass is more robust than annealed glass four times. The company gives a lifetime warranty to its customers since the glass mat is a guaranteed mark of quality.

Does Vitrazza scratch?

No, unlike the plastic mats that crack and keep your chair stuck while gliding, the Vitrazza glass mat maintains its beauty since it doesn’t crack or dent. Whether on carpet or hard floor, the glass chair mat will still give you maximum performance.

How do you keep a Vitrazza chair mat from moving?

For your glass mat from moving, the mat comes with clear rubber bumpers called Stabil-a-Dot. You should place them at the bottom of the glass mat to help keep the mat in place. These stabil-a-Dots are very helpful since they help your mat from moving and slipping, which will benefit your mat and floor since it won’t get scratched.

Summary: Is the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat Worth it?

Mostly you might think since these mats are made from a fragile material like glass, you need to get worried. However, Vitrazza has gone the extra mile to ensure the mat becomes sturdiest to avoid breaking. You can tell the product is worth the applause from tons of positive customer reviews with a 4.9-star rating on the site. The customers say mats are clean, durable, and convenient, better than plastic mats.

Vitrazza Alternatives

Because of Vitrazza hefty price tags, you can check the market for a glass chair mat alternative that is budget conscious. Here are some Vitrazza glass chair mat alternatives

Lorell tempered glass chair 36: this tempered glass is worth its tag because it’s durable, scratch resistant, and can support up to 1000lbs. It’s a good alternative since it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It is smooth, and it’s ideal for all floor types.

Natsukage glass chair mat: made from 100% tempered glass, which can be used on all floors, from rugs to hardwood floors. It’s sturdy, and 1/6 inch thick, which cannot be folded or curled. The mat is flat and can withstand weights up to 1000lbs without cracking, bending, or scratching. It is long-lasting and pocket friendly. You can find this item on

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