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Turmerry Mattress and Topper Review

What is Turmerry 

Turmerry is an American-based company that deals with organic and natural bedding. It opened its doors to the market in 2019, steered by Rumana Bai. The company drive is a night of healthy and safe sleep. This North Carolina-based company provides high-quality bedding, latex mattress, and pillows for the entire family at very affordable prices.

Good organic mattress
Turmerry cal help you relieve back on your back and is made of constructed using an organic cotton.


  • Improved sleep performance: Turmerry helps you relieve back on your back, giving you better sleep.
  • Comfortable and available in all sizes: twin, full queen, king, and cal king.
  • Eco-friendly: Turmerry latex mattresses and toppers aren't treated with fire retardants harmful to the environment


  • Too firm: several reviewers find the Turmerry mattress too firm. The mattress is made from Dunlop latex, which is firmer than Talalay latex. The softest Turmerry mattress is 5/10, which is still firm for a soft mattress.
  • You have to construct the mattress: with a Turmerry mattress, you must build it yourself. There's room for error, like uneven edges, which could cause the bed to break.
  • The latex is heavy: the foam is heavy, meaning the elderly cannot lift and construct the bed by themselves, or if they could, it would be hard.

Turmerry mattress provides every sleeper with a good night’s sleep with comfort, support, and adjustability making every night restful. What makes Turmerry all sleepers a good choice is its production of products from natural latex, 100% organic cotton, and organic wool. The mattress has three firmness levels, ensuring something for every sleeper sleeping on the back, side, or stomach.

What Turmerry Offers

Turmerry offers organic and natural latex mattresses, latex pillows, and latex toppers. They also have organic mattress protectors of 100% cotton, bedsheets, waterproof mattress pads, etc. The materials used to make the bed offer natural comfort, firmness, and breathability. They are made from Dunlop latex that provides a bouncy effect, plus it is budget conscious.

Turmerry Mattress Review 

Tumerry specializes in latex mattresses and basically offers two mattresses: Latex Mattress and Latex Hybrid Mattress. In this Turmerry review, we will focus on the first one.

Turmerry Latex Mattress Construction 

You might be wondering why pick a Turmerry Latex mattress. The mattress is firm and denser than Talalay latex, giving you the comfort you deserve. 

The Turmerry Latex mattress is constructed using an organic cotton cover, New Zealand wool, organic cotton protector, medium organic latex foam, and firm organic latex foam. Turmerry mattress Dunlop latex gives you the best spine and back support to reduce back pains.

The company has three different latex mattresses: 8, 10, and 12 inches. 8 and 10 inches come with 5-zone support latex foam layers, while 12 inches have four layers, the fourth being egg crate latex. The company uses natural wool cover and organic cotton wool in these mattresses, about 10 inches. 

All mattress materials are certified by bodies like GOTS, GOLS, LGA, and eco INSTITUT. Additionally, the materials like wool will keep you warm during cold weather. 

Latex Mattress Firmness

The mattress comes with three firmness levels: soft, medium, and firm. One of the key features of Turmerry Latex mattress is that you can rotate the layers to get the firmness level of your preference and make it work for any sleeping position–for stomach, back, or side sleepers. You can even request a different layer combination, like one soft and two firm layers; you can do this at the Checkout step.

If you want to get a firm mattress, you need to arrange the firm topper on the top with with the soft one in the middle and medium one on the bottom. And visa versa, to get a medium firmness, put the medium layer on the top; to get a soft mattress, arrange the soft layer on the top with the firm layer of the bottom.

This latex mattress doesn’t sink, thus helping to align your spine, which helps in relieving pressure points.

Sleeping position

Different people vary in their sleeping positions, so let’s check out different sleeping positions and how effective a mattress is.

  • Back sleepers: back sleepers usually need a mattress aligned and supported. Turmerry firm and medium versions for people of lightweight and average weight will get their desired support.
  • Side sleepers: this helps keep the spine aligned, although there is pressure on the hips and shoulders of people who are lightweight, heavy, and average.
  • Stomach sleepers: to keep their head elevated, stomach sleepers need a firm and supportive mattress. A Turmerry mattress does that and keeps the spine aligned. Perfect for all stomach sleepers’ weight.
  • Combination sleepers: combinations aren’t left out because the mattress supports all the sleeping positions while providing easy movement as they change their sleeping position. Lightweights will have their best, while heavy and average weights will have a little difficulty turning.


Latex foam is made from durable materials, but you must be careful when constructing. This is because when you stack the latex foam unevenly, you could cause the foam to break. You must align the foams when stacking or avoid shifting them a lot. 


 A Turmerry mattress is bouncy and well-responsive, especially if it has supportive coils. Without the innerspring, it wouldn’t be responsive, and it would be difficult for heavy sleepers to turn, especially on soft firmness levels.

Pain relief

Turmerry is an excellent option for people with back pain since it relieves pressure from your lower back. Side sleepers and back sleepers can enjoy their sleep as their spine gets aligned. However, if you have shoulder or hip pain, the mattress adds pressure on your hip or shoulder, making it an unsuitable choice. 

Turmerry Latex Mattress Price

The matress is rather on the expensive side with the cost starting from $1,099 and going up to $2,399. The price is mainly depends on the size and the hight. In any case, you get two free pillows, free shipping, and 20-year warranty. Here is the price table where you can see the whole pricing picture of Turmerry Latex Mattress, depending on the size.

Size8 inch10 inch12 inch
Twin XL$1,199$1,299$1,399
Split Queen$1,699$1,799$1,899
California King$1,999$2,199$2,399
Split King$1,999$2,199$2,399

Turmerry Topper Review

A mattress topper is latex foam that is added on top of your mattress. Its purpose is to improve your bed feels since it covers the mattress, giving it a new type of firmness. People pick mattresses according to their needs; for example, you want your bed warmer, softer, or more relaxed.

With Turmerry Latex Mattress Topper, you can choose a 2 or 3-inch thickness, depending on your preference. Unfortunately, if your underlying mattress is saggy, the Turmerry mattress topper will not help you firm it; instead, you need to buy a new mattress.

Here is the difference between a 2 and the 3-inch topper by Turmerry.

  • The 2-inch organic latex toppers: You should use this topper on a supportive mattress to help you rest. The 2-inch topper is the best for people who want a lower-price topper and people looking for more cushioning, firmness, or plushness that their mattress couldn’t have provided. 
  • The 3-inch latex topper: The 3-inch organic topper has added advantages like its great value, extra support, relieves pressure, changes the feel of your mattress, and gives you comfort. 

Turmerry toppers come in a different firmness, such as soft, medium, and firm; you can choose the firmness along with the size and high of a topper. The soft and medium are perfect options for side and back sleepers, whereas the medium will provide enough support for stomach sleepers. However, the firmer the Turmerry topper is, the more expensive it is.

The topper is made with organic Dunlop latex at the core, certified by the US Department of Agriculture, while the cover is composed of organic cotton. The topper is environmentally friendly and highly breathable.

Let’s check the price of Turmerry toppers. The table helps you compare the cost of the toppers taking into account its size, height, and firmness. For this comparison are taken 2 Inch GOLS Organic Latex
and 3 Inch GOLS Organic Latex types.

Size2 inch
2 inch
2 inch
3 inch
3 inch
2 inch
Twin XL$225$240$265$300$325$370
California King$330$375$430$450$550$590

Additionally, Turmerry offers their customers the permit to exchange the toppers within 60 days if they would like to change if the choice doesn’t suit them. There’s free shipping for all US orders and 5 years warranty against structural defects.

Turmerry Customers review

The majority of Turmerry reviews are centered around the mattress toppers themselves or the customer service. As for the first group, customers say that Turmerry toppers are of good quality; however, they are quite firm–usually firmer than they expected. Here are some reviews from Trustpilot and Facebook:

  • “Absolutely love my new topper. I’m a small person, about 5’2″ tall and about 100 pounds, and finding a mattress that is soft for me is pretty difficult. I ordered the soft 4″ latex topper.”
  • “The two inch latex mattress topper I bought makes my inexpensive foam mattress absolutely luxurious to sleep on. There was very little latex odor to begin with and now there’s none.”
  • “The topper itself is fine, just very firm and I’d ordered soft, but the customer service is from hell. “
  • “The 3″ latex mattress topper is supportive without being soft, molds to my body without letting me sink into it. I may have even been fine with the 2” topper, it is so supportive. “
  • “I ordered the “soft” latex mattress topper. I like it very much. Not quite as soft as I expected but very comfortable.”

Meanwhile, there are a lot of complaints about customer service; check them out below:

  • “we ordered a topper 6-8 weeks ago, and still are being assured it is coming any time now but I really doubt that it is. Trying to cancel the order but having trouble doing that, too”
  • “I ordered a medium and a soft topper from Turmerry. The toppers are OK, but Customer Service is lacking.”
  • “I’m really disappointed in their customer service.”
  • “This company has the WORST customer service. They do not respond to phone messages or emails and they never answer the phone.”

Are Turmerry Mattresses and Toppers Worth it? 

Yes, it does. Turmerry organic mattresses will not only upgrade your sleeping performance but also help relieve stress in your lower back, ensuring you wake up fresh and energetic. The organic mattress is also made with biodegradable, eco-friendly best rubber plantation with no harmful chemicals. The mattress is also made of high-quality material to last and provide warmth even in cold seasons.

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