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Homary Review

Long lockdowns made us learn to value our homes. They became our offices, safe havens, and places to regroup and rehabilitate. Making the house cozy is even more important for big families: spending so much time together may be sweet, but each family member still needs their personal space, designed according to their taste.

Examine the quality
There are a lot of quality pieces but don't buy the whole set at once


  • a tremendous choice of furniture;
  • easy to navigate, has an app for iOS and Android;
  • good monthly deals and cheap clearance items;
  • cheaper than retail stores;
  • ships to 36 countries;


  • lacks children’s furniture;
  • return or refund may be complicated while buying overseas;
  • can’t check every piece, so if the manufacturer suddenly changes materials to cheaper ones, it’s your problem to prove it;

Homary is exactly what you need to make your house stylish, functional, and pleasant to rest in. Light and fashionable, Homary furniture isn’t overloading the design, letting your keepsakes and adornments shine in the limelight. You’ll find here plenty of ideas: from home office to lounge patio, from the classic living room for family gatherings to a minimalistic kitchen.

Homary Review: Final Verdict

Our conclusion is: Homary is a perfect possibility to redesign your home if you live close to the office and can get the reviews for the exact furniture piece you want. We don’t recommend buying the whole set at once, but purchasing a single chair or a cabinet, examining the quality, and then adding (or not adding) the rest of the collection seems a reasonable and risk-free idea.

Let’s look closer!

What is Homary

Homary is an international online store that offers you a wide range of household items, as small as soap dispensers and as complex as full furniture sets. Since 2012 Homary has gathered collections from worldwide manufacturers and broadened its shipping network to 36 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia.

The main advantage of the Homary store is direct sales. You may avoid the time- and price-increasing chain of manufacturers, wholesale warehouses, and retail stores. Here you can buy the piece you like directly and get it delivered as soon as possible.

It might be difficult to browse amongst 2 000 manufacturers’ production, but Homary does its best to make this process easier. It has a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices that guides you through the shopping process. The filters may seem way too elaborate and long to adjust, but believe us, you will need most of them. Or, alternatively, you may just virtually stroll between the store sections, if you have some hours for relaxed shopping.

Another important detail we need to warn you about is the shipping and return policy. Homary has a 30-day return policy, so, basically, you have a month to get your money fully refunded. But, if you order overseas, it’s always a good idea to learn about your country’s delivery terms, tax policies, and tax clearance. It’s totally possible to have your parcel stuck on the border. The best thing to do in this case is to notify tech support immediately (luckily, they have a 24-hours support line) and work out the best resolution.

Returning to the pleasant stuff: Homary has a great rewards program, so if you plan to reimagine your home, you might get some sweet deals with discount points from your previous purchases. Also, the “Sales & Deals” section makes a perfect place to hunt for discounted or slightly scratched items. You may find the whole pre-designed furniture sets, sparing the time and money needed to hire a designer. The only thing you need to check is the dimensions of the set and how it will fit into your room.

Last but not least, Homary’s feature is its attention to sustainability. While we can’t call all brands working with Homary perfectly sustainable, the management does its best to trace the materials used for production, minimize packaging and utilize recyclable package materials, and (which is great both for sustainability and reputation) make sure all the items sold in Homary are durable enough to serve you well for long, long years. They are constantly adjusting their supply chain, planning to reach carbon net zero by 2050 (not quite a close date, but it’s a huge international store selling overseas, after all!). Homary’s cooperation with the Arbor Day Organization is a cute but useful movement to show their ecological responsibility. It’s very sensible for a furniture store to participate in planting new trees.

What Homary Offers

First of all, it offers furniture, of course. The huge list is organized into several categories: Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Dining, Office, and Entryway. The division isn’t strict: you may find a cozy chair for your bedroom in the Living Room section. But if you need room-specific things such as vanity stools or umbrella stands, these sections come in handy.

A whole big section is Bath & Faucets. It includes a broad choice of literally everything, from sinks, faucets, and tubs to mirrors and accessories. You may also find kitchen sinks in this category (not very logical, but all the assortment is repeated in the Kitchen section, so let’s excuse them this time!).

The Kitchen section (yes, the second one) has everything that isn’t big furniture: cutlery, wine racks, shelves, knives, trash cans, etc. Basically, here you will find everything to start actually using the kitchen you bought.

The Lighting section is self-explanatory. You may find here indoor (ceiling, wall, or table) lights and outdoor lights. Also, it’s a great place to order some spare light bulbs, especially if you order an item with an unusual lamp base.

The Outdoor category includes lounge and dining furniture, barbecues, outdoor heaters, and some utility stuff such as trash cans. But don’t try to find a lot of gardening items here, Homary doesn’t offer much. It’s better to use a specialized store if you need some flowers for your backyard.

But if you need indoor or fake plants, the Decore section got you covered. They all are here, together with wall decor, clocks, rugs, mirrors, pillows, and other cute things to make your house really feel like home.

The Storage & Organization category will help you with everything you bought in the previous ones. Actually, this is our favorite one. There are beautiful organizers to fancy and enjoy stuff, almost invisible ones to hide and forget about other stuff, or practical ones to just do their job, like garage shelves or instrument racks.

There are also two categories that don’t fall under the purpose rule, but, probably, they will be the ones you’d like to start.

The first one is On Sale, which now offers different furniture pieces for as low as $69.99. You still have the subcategory division here, but if you are looking for a good deal, not for a defined piece, it’s a great place to have a look.

For those who need it fast, Homary has a 48 Hours Dispatch category. It also has some subcategories but shows only the items ready to be shipped for you as soon as possible.

Homary Furniture Review

It’s hard to review thousands of items, but we’ll do our best to give you the overall impression.

Homary Living Room Furniture

The three main styles we found in this section are Classical, Modern, and Ar Deco. Most of the furniture features calm, neutral tones, such as greys, beiges, and blues, with occasional splashes of gold, black, or bright white. The other colors (oranges, greens, etc.) are pretty tame and will fit almost any design.

It’s pretty hard to find a statement piece here to make it a central element of your living room. You may see one or two of them per page. But the rest of the furniture is pretty close in terms of style, so you may boldly combine pieces from different collections and still get a wonderful design.

There are different construction and materials options: from solid wood to wood and metal panels. But the overall quality seems pretty good: all the hardware and moving pieces are durable, the fabric looks good even on the cheaper models, and the wood is real, even if it is a thin panel.

Homary Bedroom Furniture

The furniture here is generally more ornate than in the living room section. The Homary’s version of space this private is more posh and romantic. Lots of queen- and king-sized beds have padded panels for extra comfort. The colors become deeper, and the forms are more elaborate. There are much more statement pieces to browse through, here you need to put some effort into finding something minimalistic or Scandinavian-themed. But after a few pages, you’ll still be able to design a perfect Hygge bedroom!

The price range here is quite broad and depends on what you have in mind. The vanity stools and tables may seem a bit costly because of all the mirrors, polished and lacquered surfaces, and natural wood, but if you are looking for a basic, but high-quality bedroom, there are plenty of variants for a tighter budget.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many options for a children’s bedroom, at least for younger ones. But this section is a perfect place for adults to shop.

Homary Kitchen & Dining

This section probably has the broadest choice of furniture styles. You may find some practical solutions that are easy to clean and pleasant to watch or Greek-themed marble and metal-plated dinner tables with chairs to match. The overall choice leans to the high end of this spectrum, but you can find beautiful rustic, industrial, cottage, or rattan sets to adorn your kitchen. There are even some transformer pieces that may serve you as a table, set of shelves, or a cabinet, depending on your current needs.

Here the quality is checked even more thoroughly because kitchen furniture shall endure lots of stress, temperature, and moisture changes. Still, the appearance stays superb, even despite the heavier hardware used here. Some dining sets or soft chairs with coffee tables may as well belong to your living room, not the dining room.

Homary Office

What you won’t find here is your average office furniture. All the chairs and tables in this section have outlets for network cables and other hardware and plenty of drawers to put documents into, but that’s it. You may embed these pieces into any design, creating a stylish home office without breaking your overall image with some ugly standard office furniture.

The prices are a bit steep, though, but hey, you spend 8 hours 5 days a week in this chair and near this desk! We bet you want to have them comfortable to use and pleasant to watch.

The range of styles is also impressive: from laconic to statement ones. There are surprisingly many futuristic pieces, for IT and tech workers or just people who are deeply into sci-fi aesthetics.

Homary Entryway Furniture

We didn’t care too much about our entryway, but this section made us change our minds! There are lots of marble-hall-level pieces with polished stone surfaces and metal holders, but there are also some cute rustic country tables with enameled roses and brass furniture.

The quality is decent in both cases, but (if you have a small entryway to fit a lot of things) check the sizes twice. Some very beautiful pieces may occupy all the space you have down to outright blocking the passage. If you have a small home, try to have a look at the wall-mounted furniture. A good rule of thumb is to choose wooden and rattan pieces over stone and metal ones: they tend to be smaller, as they are usually meant for more modest houses.

Homary Customer Reviews

The overall review score is mostly positive (3.5 on Trustpilot and Reseller Ratings). Though there are unfortunate incidents, and people aren’t shy about them. Sitejabber gives it only 1.7 out of 5.

The positive reviews are mostly the same: the item arrived quickly, was as described, or wasn’t, but refund or replacement was swift and easy.

The negative reviews fall into several categories: the item was damaged during shipment, and the customers couldn’t prove it had arrived that way; the item wasn’t as described at all (cheaper materials and furniture used, misplaced screw holes, wrong instructions, etc.); and complications with 30-days refund for the overseas purchases.


Is Homary a good brand?

Homary isn’t a brand per se. It’s a platform that sells furniture and decor directly from manufacturers. Homary does its best to maintain quality control, but accidental drops in quality still happen.

Where is Homary located?

The head office is located in New York, USA. The regional offices are in the UK, Australia, France, Germany, and Spain.

Is Homary a manufacturer?

Homary isn’t a manufacturer, it is an online store that allows manufacturers to sell their furniture, decor, and other items directly to clients.

Does Homary ship to Canada?

According to the current site information, Homary ships to every region in North America. If you don’t have your region available during checkout, please, check your location settings or contact support.

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  • Lexine Cudjoe
    Posted December 29, 2022 at 4:33 pm

    I believe this review of Homary is extremely misleading. I received a very expensive carpet that was low quality and printed. Their customer service has been a nightmare. Where do you all get these ratings from?

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