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Loftie Alarm Clock Review

What is the first thing we hear and see in the morning? Usually, it’s our smartphone’s alarm. Our smartphones substitute almost everything now: alarm clocks, morning newspapers, reminders to go in for some sports, coaches, and sometimes even mirrors to tidy ourselves up in the morning. But clinging to these devices isn’t the healthiest thing we can do.

Alarm that works
The Loftie Alarm Clock is truly worth its money if you want healthier sleep and a waking-up routine.


  • Allows you to shorten smartphone time and achieve deeper, healthier sleep.
  • Laconic and stylish design that fits any apartment style.
  • Smart waking routine with lots of pleasant sounds to choose.
  • Adjustable volume and alarm schedule.
  • Simple app to change any settings via Wi-Fi.
  • No personal data gathering.


  • The Lofty App is a bit costly.
  • The smartphone app can substitute Loftie Alarm, so if you don’t want to cut your smartphone time, you may still feel that the phone is more useful.

That’s where Loftie Alarm comes into play.

What is Loftie Alarm

The Loftie device can completely take care of all your waking up routine, so you can completely switch off your smartphone for your night and morning. No more blue light, endless scrolling, alarming (no pun intended) news, and other stuff that can ruin both your sleeping and morning routines.

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The Loftie Alarm reviews are divided into two extremities. Some people consider that they don’t need another gadget with such a narrow functionality when they can get everything they need from their smartphone. But those trying to abandon smartphones and un-cling themselves from the interactive gadgets feel much happier with Loftie Alarm.

The company that has developed and sells Loftie Alarm now is an ambassador of mindfulness. The team considers technology a tool, not a destination, so, being very tech-savvy, they purposely limit the Lofty Alarm functions to waking you up as gently as possible. The main idea is to return the resting time to the people, taking it back from scrolling and timekillers. The pleasant bonus is the guarantee that Lofty Alarm doesn’t collect any personal data – it doesn’t need any to do its job.

The team conducted deep research on sleeping quality. It is well-known that sleep quality improves our overall health a lot: good sleep is a big step away from depression, anxiety, chronic pains, obesity, and lots of other problems, that are, unfortunately, too familiar for many city dwellers. Bad sleeping is the pandemics of the developed world, there are too many distractions and junk information we consume and digest, spending our brain resources overthinking it, instead of sleeping. That’s why Loftie Alarm clock isn’t just another fancy hipster gadget, it is an important milestone for de-smartphonizing our lives.

Loftie Alarm Clock Features

There is a wide variety for both phases melodies: from the sounds of nature to the artificial, crystalline sounds. The new ones are added constantly, and this is the second main feature of the Loftie clock. The first important and pleasant thing is not letting you get bored with the monotonous tunes, but the second one is more scientifically-backed. Our brain gets used to the familiar sounds, filtering them out and not waking up to them. Unless they are extremely annoying (cue loud beeping and ringing). That’s why changing the tunes keeps your brain on its toes, still providing you pleasant melodies to brighten your day.

The third feature is the Pre-Set Alarms mode. You may program even the most complicated alarm schedule, not only weekends and holidays. Loftie Alarm allows you to set the pattern once and forget about it. The volume can also be adjusted to provide you the most comfortable level of waking up.

The last and the most prominent feature, that may seem the opposite to the main Loftie Alarm’s idea: abandoning smartphones. It is the Loftie App, and it deserves a separate section.

Here is how the device looks when you unpack it.

Loftie App Review

You don’t need an app to use your Loftie, but still the creators let you use your smartphone to change your settings. Choose your new melodies, change your alarm schedule and volume, and adjust any other settings you wish via an ergonomic interface of Loftie App.

You may still set your Loftie Alarm up without using your smartphone, with the buttons on top of it. The Loftie App serves only to bring you the full spectrum of settings and personalization. The cozy and minimalistic design serves the main Loftie purpose: to focus the user on setting everything up without extra advertisements and distractions.

Loftie Alarm can come in handy when you need changes rapidly made. Adjust the alarm right when you learn about the early meeting or some extracurricular morning activity for your child. Loftie App connects to your clock via Wi-Fi. But to remotely connect your app to Loftie Alarm you need to create your Loftie account or sign up with some popular interfaces, such as Google or Facebook. The data isn’t stored at Loftie servers, and all the personal information is heavily encrypted.

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Loftie Reviews

The reviews are mixed, but there are much more positive ones describing Loftie Alarm as an essential comfort-making device. The main points of the approving reviews of Loftie Clock are: laconic design that matches both classical and modern interiors, the variety of features, the soft waking up routine, and – of course – the lack of any unrelated features allowing people to make a step towards the smartphone-less future.

The Loftie App gets the most controversial reviews because lots of people don’t want to use app to tune a smartphone-free device. But the app repels only the most radical part of the customers, the much bigger part treats it neutral and many appreciate the simple and pleasant design.

The main points of the negative reviews are some glitches the device might have, the complicated set-up process, the Loftie’s price (that can be a bit steep), and the inability to wake some people up (it may be too gentle for the extra deep-sleeping folks). This point is especially interesting, because, truly, a smartphone can substitute the Loftie Alarm in everything, except its main purpose: setting the smartphone aside.

The smartphone app can substitute Loftie Alarm, so if you don’t want to cut your smartphone time, you may still feel that the phone is more useful.

Here are some of the customer reviews of Loftie alarm.

Positive Reviews of Loftie

“This is the perfect alarm clock for someone like me who’s a light sleeper in the morning or who wants a gentle, almost soothing, method for waking up everyday (as opposed to the usual jarring racket that you get with most alarm clocks).”

“This alarm clock has completely transformed my sleep rituals and honestly it is way more than just an alarm clock! From the white noise, to natural sounds for meditation, I use this alarm clock throughout my week to transform my sleeping rituals and get on a good routine.”

“I love the sleek look of my new Loftie, especially when using the night light feature. The white noise and nature sounds are wonderful for falling asleep.”

“Really enjoy this clock. It’s a cute design, looks good on my nightstand, and feels a little like an analog throwback with modern sensibilities.”

Negative Reviews of Loftie

“Loftie has a ton of potential but is too glitchy to get even the basics right.”

“95% of the time the Loftie works well, but that still means there are 1-2 nights a month where it breaks in some way.”

“Way too complicated to set up, the app is difficult to use!”

“My biggest complaint other than the router compatibility is the screen brightness during the day time. Just don’t even try looking at this clock for the time during the day.”

“Too expensive for the features it offered. The app and settings were too difficult to use.”

Loftie Pricing

You may purchase the original and brand new Loftie Alarm for $149 or a refurbished Loftie Alarm for $99. Both versions have a standard one-year warranty, and the refurbished Lofties are cleaned, inspected and tested to work just like new ones.

Loftie offers some additional sleeping accessories, such as Black Dots – the black opaque stickers to cover up distracting LEDs on your bedroom devices – for $10, the silky sleeping mask for $25. The new Loftie device – the Loftie Lamp costs $206.00 with the discount.

Who is the Loftie Alarm Clock for?

The Loftie Alarm Clock is mostly for the people trying to stop scrolling and watching videos before going to bed. It is the new generation of the old alarm clocks, but with many benefits, such as wide choice of sounds, alarm schedule and smart two-phase waking up routine. Loftie Alarm Clock is for the people searching for a smartphone-free life and mindfulness, who are still not ready to abandon the benefits of scientific and technical achievements of humankind.

Is the Loftie Alarm Clock Worth It?

It depends of what you want to get from it. If you are totally satisfied with your smartphone alarm and don’t mind reading your Facebook or Instagram before going to bed, it will be just another fancy gadget. If you are totally satisfied with the simple beeping alarm clock and don’t get annoyed by its sound and being woken up rapidly – it won’t amaze you either. The Loftie Alarm Clock is truly worth its money if you are searching for a sustainable yet comfortable lifestyle, managing your rest time and freeing yourself from smartphone dependency.

Loftie Alarm Alternatives

Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light HF3520

Another mindful device to gently awake its owner, Philips SmartSleep uses mild light instead of sound. It uses our natural response to the dusk and dawn light – changes in the production of the special “sleep hormone” – melatonin. When the artificial “sun” rises, glowing brighter, our body stops producing melatonin, letting us wake up in the most natural way. For the best effect, you can combine light with sounds of nature, such as chirping morning birds. The Philips SmartSleep can do the exact opposite of it: lull you to sleep with soothing sounds and “dawning Sun”.

For those who aren’t awakened so easily, Philips SmartSleep has some other systems to use: FM radio that can turn on and a backup average alarm.

Hatch Restore

Hatch Restore is proudly called a sleep machine. It can enhance your mood and calm you down with the combination of light and sound. It also has a multipurpose app that may literally correct your mood, help you with meditation or keep you asleep at night. Hatch Restore has the widest range of functions among all the smart clocks, combining both Loftie and SmartSleep features, but the price is significantly higher, and you’d have to wait some weeks until your order delivery.

Hatch Restore is perfect for those who take their sleep very seriously and want to focus on keeping their daily routine and mood fully healthy and controllable.

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