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Pillow Cube Review

Modern people value their sleep time and try to make their sleep of better quality. There are lots of sleep solutions out there and one of them is Pillow Cube. So, let’s check out Pillow Cube review and find out whether it’s a worthy product.

What is Pillow Cube?

The Pillow Cube series is created (as the inventor claims) especially for side sleepers. When we sleep on our side, our neck is bent to the anatomically incorrect position due to incorrect pillow choice. Instead of stacking the average pilows or putting something underneath them, the Pillow Cube team offers a specialized high pillow made of memory foam that allows you neck to rest at the perfect 90-degrees angle. The memory foam allows the pillow to accommodate the sleeper’s head and then return to its perfect rectangular form. The foam core is covered by the breathable cover and silky pillowcase made of natural materials.

The layering allows the air to flow through the pillow, cooling down your head and not allowing the foam to get damp. The pillow case on top of it adds extra comfort, giving you the silky touch.

The Pillow Cube comes in different sizes and varieties, from Pillow Cube Classic to the new Pillow Cube Pro.

Classic Pillow Features

Let’s cover the main features of this product for comfortable sleep.


The pillow has a spacial shape which helps contour around a head and a neck and this way, it enshures comfort for a side sleepers. Such shape also allows cutting pressure points for a neck that is good for those with neck pain.


The makers of Pillow Cube claim it works to contour around your head and neck because of its shape. This provides the optimal support you need as a side sleeper without adding pressure points that can lead to pain through the night.

It also helps reduce the likelihood of snoring. Side sleepers are known to have an increased risk of obstructive sleep apnea, so anything that makes it easier for you to breathe peacefully should be a huge plus.


The pillow is a safe product to sleep on as it’s made from 100% CertiPUR-US certified gel memory foam. This means the product doesn’t include harmful chemicals in your pillow since it’s certified to be free of flame retardants, lead, mercury, ozone depleters, formaldehyde, phthalates, and other toxins.

Moreover, the material of this product is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, so it should work for you if you have sensitive skin.

Temperature Control

The product is made in a way to regulate your body temperature throughout the night and thus, it prevents overheating. It is possible due to special channels within this pillow that allow airflow. Thus, this product is good for sleeping in a hot environment or when you overheat yourself and often wake up being sweaty.


The product can be easily cleaned. As its upper cover is removable, it can be hand washed or machine washed using a regular cycle on a low heat setting. You can wash it even each week and it should remain the same.

If you wash it, make sure it’s dried completely before using it.

Classic Pillow Cube

The basic version of Pillow Cube, the Classic pillow consists of the memory foam core, that allows the pillow to stay cool all night. The pillow isn’t shaped like a cube, though, it’s a bit flattened. This is very comfortable for side sleepers as it allows to have a head and neck in a healthy position while keeping your hands near a pillow.

To provide you perfect support, Classic Pillow Cube comes in two sizes: Standard and Thick. The price is equal for both variants, it’s just your height that matters. The Thick version almost looks like a perfect cube. 

Each Classic Pillow Cube comes with the iconic breathing cover and a pillowcase made from polyester microfiber. It is made of quality material and doesn’t contain harmful toxins, allergens, or irritants. The product is machine washable. In addition, its shell is made from 100% polyester fiber that doesn’t contain any

However, this product is not as soft and fluffy as a memory foam pillow. Meanwhile, the Pillow Cube Classic is a good choice for side sleepers as it doesn’t cause neck pressure. Moreover, it reduces snoring.

Pillow Cube Pro

Pillow Cube Pro has all the features of the Classic Pillow Cube, but it is almost twice as wide, making sleeping more comfortable. Pillow Cube Pro also has three heights (Standard and Thick like for Classic Pillow Cube and also the Extra Thick size for people who are 6.4 or taller).

The product is filled with an innovative material that increases airflow to regulate body temperature throughout the night.

This product provides optimal neck support to reduce pressure points and gives you a comfortable sleep.

Pillow Cube Pro comes in two colors: snow white and beige.

The product comes in three different density options which means you can pick more soft or firm option.

You need about 20 minutes to make Pillow Cube Pro hold the shape of your head. But then, it keeps this shape all night long.


Pillow Cube also sells lots of supplementary products, such as additional covers and pillowcases. It is a big thing, because the standard pillowcases can’t always fit such an unusual pillow. For example, the company offers the Ice Cube cover that allows the pillow to stay cool all night long, and lots of pillowcases: colored, printed and animal-shaped ones for children.

Pillow Cube Pros & Cons

Pillow Cube Pros:

  • The Pillow Cube supports the anatomically correct neck angle, preventing neck pain and bad sleeping
  • The foam core allows the pillow stay cool all night long
  • Wide range of different pillowcases
  • Several sizes to choose

Pillow Cube Cons:

  • The price may be a bit steep
  • You can’t just wash the Pillow Cube in the washing machine
  • Great for side sleepers, not so great for back sleepers
  • The average covers and pillowcases may not fit

Pillow Cube Alternatives

Eli & Elm Organic-Cotton Side-Sleeper Pillow

Eli & Elm pillow is also high and made for side sleepers, but its main feature isn’t its height, but the special cutout on the bottom size that accommodates your shoulder or neck. It will keep your head in place no matter how much you roll during the night. The cover and pillowcase is made of organic cotton, but the filling is a mix of latex foam and polyester fibers that keep the pillow soft but durable.

Core Products Tri-Core Cervical Pillow

This pillow is especially recommended for the people suffering from neck pain. Its special form with higher edges and lower center allows your head to rest in the anatomically correct pose, relieving the neck pain. The cover is made of cotton and polyester blend, the filling is virgin polyester fiber.

Clara Clark Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow is made of the same foam that Pillow Cube uses, but the concept is different: this foam is shredded, making this pillow look more like the average one. The average pillowcases fit it perfectly. It doesn’t trap heat, but still allows your head to rest well during the night.

Pillow Cube Reviews

The Pillow Cube reviews are mostly positive. The main features praised in them are thickness and firmness, ability to stay cool at night and, of course, ability to support the neck at the anatomically right angle. Several negative reviews come from non-side sleepers, because the Pillow Cube may seem too high when you sleep on your back. Also, some people who like to roll at night may roll off the Pillow Cube – that’s why the Pillow Cube Pro was made.

Here are some of the reviews aboutPillow Cube:

“It’s been 4 weeks since I started to use it, and I have never slept so soundly in my eighty years of life. I fall asleep, stay asleep, and can go back to sleep if I wake up during the night. Insomnia has plagued me all my life, but the Pillow Cube Pro has changed all that – I can’t believe the solution was so simple. I’m recommending this for not only side sleepers but side to side and back sleepers as well because I am one.”

“I will say the pillow is comfy and works for me but this company really needs to review their manufacturing processes.”

“First off, I’m the Goldilocks of pillows. Literally I have a pillow graveyard in my extra bedroom because of how many I buy and they fail me. I’ve bought too many to count, Sealy, Tempurpedic, down, Sable, Coop Home Goods, down alternative, on and on. Every 6 months I end up shopping for another due to neck pain. I thought this one was expensive but decided to give it a shot because of the warranty. First night, out of the box, I haven’t ever been more pleased with a pillow. No bad smell and it was comfy even as an odd rectangle. I was shocked it worked. I will try it through the guarantee period but so far I am super happy I gave it a go. Also fyi I got the 5 inch and I am 5.7 avg build female.”

“Bought this for my Dad for Fathers Day. I ordered it 2 weeks in advance and it came the day before Fathers Day. He loves it. I tried it and its too firm for me but I am happy with my purchase because my Dad likes it.”

Is the Pillow Cube Worth it?

If you are the dedicated side sleeper, yes, definitely. It is a great item for neck support that allows you to relieve neck pain, morning headaches, and improve sleep quality. But still, Pillow Cube isn’t an essential item, it can be easily substituted by two average pillows stacked together. The Pillow Cube may be a bit costly, but if you can afford some extra comfort and are tired of warm pillows, constantly slipping away – Pillow Cube will be a great addition to your bedroom!


Where is the Pillow Cube made?

If you are interested in where is Pillow Cube made, we have good news for you! The pillows are produced in Tennessee, USA, giving lots of workplaces to American citizens. So, by buying Pillow Cubes, you support both your neck and the American economy!

How much is the Pillow Cube?

The price for Pillow Cube Classic is $69.99, the Pillow Cube Pro costs $109.99, but you may get good discounts, check out the Pillow Cube website!

Where can you buy Pillow Cube?

The best way to buy it is on their official website You can also buy it on Amazon buy it might be more costly there.

Is Pillow Cube washible?

Yes, the product is washable in hand washing or cold auto wash.

Check out Pillow Cube alternatives:

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