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Apollo Neuro Review

Anxiety has become the problem of the twenty-first century. We are overwhelmed with information to digest, problems to solve, and things to remember. The quantity of the information grows exponentially, and our brains struggle to withstand this flood of data. It causes even more stress, making us anxious about the inability to get it all, leading to the self-fulfilling prophecy. That’s where Apollo Neuro comes into play.

What is Apollo Neuro?

Deserves to be tested
Gentle vibrations that emulate human touches but it might appear too neutral. Apollo gadget isn’t an essential thing to buy, but it has some significant benefits.


  • Apollo Neuro deserves to be tested as a way to cope with your stress and anxiety
  • Gentle vibrations that emulate human touches – extra important during the quarantine isolation
  • Apollo neuroscience backup makes it a significant part of complex anxiety therapy


  • Apollo’s vibration might appear neutral or even annoying to you if you prefer another type of soothing response
  • Apollo can’t be used in a shower and can’t serve other purposes except for soothing programs. It can’t monitor your biometrics and is strongly recommended for wearing on your wrist or ankle only

We have already used dozens of wearable tech devices, but Apollo Neuro is different. The designers present it as a stress relief tool that helps control your mental state with soothing vibrations. It may sound unusual, but the dev team is ready to show some entirely plausible researches. No wonder: the team members are neuroscientists and physicians who studied the different soothing actions and their effectiveness.

Some people can call the Apollo sleep device, but this small gadget does much more. It provides vibration sessions that emulate the natural human touches. According to Apollo neuroscience papers, our brain recognizes them as something between a hug and a friendly pat on the back. Something that tells us, “everything is going to be fine.”

Reviews of Apollo Neuro say that it genuinely helps people cope with anxiety and involuntary thoughts, build resilience to stress. Of course, it isn’t a magic pill; no one can guarantee that you’ll get the best result from this stimulation type. We are all different: some people find sound much more soothing than touch, some people prefer favorite tastes or smells to feel better, but if you like tactile contact and feel better after a friendly hug, the Apollo device is the way to go.

How Apollo Neuro works

The Apollo wearable gadget is a product of deep research of several science branches. It combines monitoring of biometric parameters, soothing vibration, and a gentle reminder that something may need your attention right now. A similar approach is used in CBT therapy – one of the best ways of treating stress, anxiety, and PTSD spectrum. The recurring involuntary thoughts or the start of a panic attack raise your heartbeat rate and blood pressure. Apollo Neuro vibrates, drawing your attention to your physical and mental state. It is an excellent way to notice that something isn’t quite right at the very beginning of it when you can still calm down and cope with it.

But Apollo device offers a bit more than just a warning. It sends the waves of vibrations through your body. This vibration emulates the natural soothing touches that we, as a social species, use to calm down each other. The Apollo neuroscience background allows designers to choose frequencies that work best for different mental states: focus, relaxation, meditation, and so on.

Apollo Neuro Features

Any review of Apollo Neuro starts from the main feature: vibration. The vibration waves shall tune your body and prepare it for the task you want yourself to fulfill. You may turn on different vibration modes, wearing Apollo on your wrist or ankle and choosing the intensity and the duration of the session.

Some people want Apollo wearable device to start vibrating automatically with increasing their heartbeat or blood pressure. But the main feature of Apollo isn’t emergency help; it is training. You get used to concentrating and getting soothing vibrations in specific periods. These rhythmic “exercises” train your body and mind to become more resilient to stress and cope with it by themselves. Apollo Neuro isn’t a “fish”; it is a “fishing rod” that helps overcome excessive stress and anxiety.

How to set up Apollo Neuro

Apollo device is elementary to set, as is any gadget of its class. At first, you want to charge it; then, it’s time to connect it to your smartphone via the Apollo app. The app is available in the stores for Android and iOS. To pair your Apollo with your app, you need Bluetooth turned on.
When the devices are paired, you are good to go. Choose the mode you want to experience, the duration and intensity, and press “Start.” The designers suggest you start at low frequencies (around 20%-40%) for the most comfortable start.

The Apollo Neuro website has a detailed and illustrated guide you may use to set everything up quickly. 

How to wear Apollo Neuro

You may wear it on your wrist, as a smart watch or a bracelet, or on your ankle if it feels more convenient for you. You may use it while sleeping or awake (just program the correct mode). The Apollo neuroscience team suggests you use it three hours a day to start developing healthy patterns and habits.

The minimal course of wearing Apollo as a sleep device or for soothing is 30 days. This time should be enough for developing new neural paths. You may raise the device’s frequency with time or use Apollo for an extended period. But the reviews of Apollo Neuro say that it is still a handy way to calm yourself down and adjust your body to the new tasks or new stress levels after a month. The month is just the minimum term for the best effectiveness; you might want to use the Apollo device for a long time after that.

Apollo Neuro reviews

The Apollo wearable reviews are quite mixed, but considering that it’s an experimental treatment, this might be caused by the different body responses, not the device flaws. We won’t focus on the deeply personal experience and will outline just the main and most popular points in positive and negative reviews.

Positive reviews

The positive reviews of Apollo Neuro concentrate on the primary device function: relieving stress. The people who like vibration therapy mention that it soothes them after only a few minutes of wearing. Some people consider different modes helpful, but satisfied customers agree that the Apollo device helps them achieve mindfulness, feel calmer, more concentrated, and cope with stress more effectively.

Negative reviews

Almost every negative review of Apollo Neuro mentions the low effectiveness. But mostly, it means that the natural reaction doesn’t match Apollo’s stimuli. The other important point includes the absence of turning on automatically after a specific heartbeat or blood pressure rate. This feature might make the Apollo wearable gadget more expensive, but it can become popular as a premium model.

Apollo Neuro side effects

There are no proven side effects connected to Apollo Neuro. Among the minor ones, there are itching in your ankle or wrist after the vibration session, waking up instead of calming down if you are too sensitive to the vibrations, or discomfort if the gadget isn’t adjusted correctly.

But Apollo Neuro has no significant drawbacks or long-term consequences if used properly and according to the instructions.

Where to buy Apollo Neuro?

The best place to buy Apollo Neuro is the official Apollo website. The original Apollo device is quite expensive, but the only way to ensure you have the warranty and the promised quality is to buy at
If you buy the used gadgets on eBay, Amazon, or other portals, always ask for the original warranty, documents, and packaging. It is the only way to know that you’d have the authentic Apollo Neuro.

Is Apollo Neuro legit?

Yes. It is still experimental, though, but Apollo neuroscience and physician research show that it works well for soothing and calming down. Double-blind clinical trials by the University of Pittsburgh, NCAA Athlete studies, and other research show a significant improvement in different biometric parameters. No one can guarantee that the Apollo device will be the best way to cope with stress for you personally, but it is definitely legit and worth a try.

Summary: does Apollo Neuro work?

The scientific research and clinical trials show that Apollo Neuro is quite effective for both anxiety relief and raising effectiveness in sport and mental labor. The scope of efficiency may differ, but most users feel the difference within the first couple of sessions.

The Apollo wearable reviews are mixed, but most of them that mention using it for a month three hours a day is positive. Still, a steep price may make the new clients wait until the technology becomes more familiar in our society.

Apollo Neuro Alternatives

There are some alternatives to Apollo Neuro, but no known similar devices exist. The main Apollo Neuro competitors focus on other, still, handy features.


Hapbee works similar to Apollo Neuro, but it fills the gap mentioned in the negative reviews. It reads the biometric parameters of the owner’s body, delivering soothing ultra-low frequency energy impulses in seven different modes. The main difference is the shape of Hapbee that can be worn as a necklace. Depending on your sensitivity, the vibrations near your chest may be more soothing or disturbing. Luckily, Apollo and Hapbee have a 30-days money-back guarantee, so you may try them a bit before deciding.


Sci-fi-looking headband NeoRhythm has a different scientific background. It also has seven modes of frequency-emitting pulsed electromagnetic field, but it influences your brain directly instead of vibration. Some people might find this disturbing, but this is an excellent choice for those who feel that vibrations are not enough.

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